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Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-26 19:49:05

We've just had our 2nd FoC meetup .. so lets start talking about our next meetup with 3 demo slots 😀... and we already got 2 demo's lined up ( Konrad Hinsen and Ivan Reese ) , so who wants to close this line-up? The date and time are open for discussion , but would 24th of july 16:00 UTC fit?

Kartik Agaram 2024-06-26 19:53:24

I could do one. I'm thinking it might not be a tool. More a tour of the "idea maze" I've been fleshing out of problems I see, and approaches I've tried in response to them.

One constraint: I have a hard stop at 1800 UTC.

Kartik Agaram 2024-06-26 19:54:08

I'd be happy to start earlier, though.

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-26 19:55:16


Ivan Reese 2024-06-26 19:55:17

16:00 might be better for everyone.

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-26 19:55:45

Sounds good to me

Kartik Agaram 2024-06-26 19:56:31

I should start adding these to my calendar. I've been failing at that the first 2 times.

Ivan Reese 2024-06-26 19:57:09

And yeah, 24th seems good to me.

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-26 19:57:17

I've changed the time in the message

Ivan Reese 2024-06-26 23:15:31

Deleted some top-level messages in #announcements (since that channel is soft-gated to non-admins).

Relevant for here, @Jim Kring said they'd be interested in attending the next one, and:

I’d even be happy to share some of the visual programming language innovations I’ve been working on

Konrad Hinsen 2024-06-27 07:07:43

24th of july 16:00 UTC is fine with me!

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-27 07:31:46

Cool! So, our 3rd meetup is coming 🎉 .. really happy that we are doing this 😀

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-27 07:35:16

Konrad Hinsen did you mean 24th of july?

Konrad Hinsen 2024-06-27 07:52:21

Maikel van de Lisdonk Yes - corrected! I did a copy-paste and missed the first digit. We really need to move to forum with decent markup for everything imaginable 😉

Ivan Reese 2024-06-30 16:42:23

Recording of last week's Future of Coding virtual meetup #2