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Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-06-30 10:55:48

In this video you can see the progress I made on opening up codeflowcanvas so that it is embeddable in other frameworks/libraries like Astro/Angular and React. I've restructured some of the packages that the project uses and published these to NPM. You can see the embedding of codeflowcanvas on its own website using a custom StorageProvider for loading json files from a javascript bundle: .

This goal of this restructuring is to get codeflowcanvas out of its own silo on various way (for example in the future I want to be able to design flows in a vscode editor and use these together with other framework/libraries without embedding the editor and just run the flows).

A feature that is also made possible by the above is being able to export to external formats like tldraw and the OpenCanvas work-in-progress spec (see Different strategies can be implemented to provide different formats.

🎥 Embedding codeflowcanvas and exporting to different formats

Embedding codeflowcanvas and exporting to different formats

📝 Open Canvas Working Group | OCWG

Working group for establishing interoperability between different infinite canvas tools.