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Ezequiel Birman 2024-06-19 23:44:03

Brand new interview with Cuis’ main developer Juan Vuletich by Kris Jenkins. This is the year of the Cuis!

Shalabh 2024-06-21 00:37:50

@Joel Jakubovic’s thesis should be interesting to folks here.

Achieving Self-Sustainability in Interactive Graphical Programming Systems

Programming is fraught with accidental complexity. Software, including tools used for programming, is inflexible and hard to adapt to one's specific problem context. Programming tools do not support Notational Freedom, so programmers must waste cognitive effort expressing ideas in suboptimal notations. They must also work around problems caused by a reliance on plain text representations instead of Explicit Structure.

The idea of a Self-Sustainable programming system, open to adaptation by its users, promises a way out of these accidental complexities. However, the principles underlying such a property are poorly documented, as are methods for practically achieving it in harmony with Notational Freedom and Explicit Structure. We trace the causes of this difficulty and use them to inform our construction of a prototype self-sustainable system. By carefully reflecting on the steps involved in our specific case, we provide insight into how self-sustainability can be achieved in general, and thus how a motivated programmer can escape the aforementioned sources of accidental complexity.

Future of Coding also gets a shout-out:

I must express my gratitude to the Future of Coding4 Slack channel

for making me aware of Tomas’ PhD opportunity in late 2018

Christopher Shank 2024-06-21 05:51:21

Oh this looks great, thanks for sharing!

Ivan Reese 2024-06-21 13:49:06

This is my kind of dissertation.

Image from iOS

Justin Janes 2024-06-21 20:54:06
Oleksandr Kryvonos 2024-06-23 10:41:32

“now children went home and asked when they can go to the dentist again”

hilarious :D

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Ivan Reese 2024-06-22 21:33:27

This epic mastodon thread has some interesting reflections on Pygmalion.

Christopher Shank 2024-06-23 01:26:16

How do you distinguish programming by example vs. demonstration now?

Stefan Lesser 2024-06-23 12:07:32

For those of you interested in Christopher Alexander’s work: The Christopher Alexander & Center for Environmental Structure Archive is live. Here's an excerpt from Maggie Moore Alexander's announcement:

This new website gives access to 50+ years of work by Alexander and colleagues at CES. The goal of this continuing endeavor is to share the work with all who wish to build and repair living environments in which people thrive.

In total, the Archive includes some 29,000 items. About 50% of them have been catalogued to date and are listed on the website. Around 6000 items have been digitized and are now available from the website as downloads. As funding allows, we will work toward making the whole collection available.