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Kartik Agaram 2024-06-10 05:20:10

Explorable explanations for great good

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin 2024-06-13 17:41:45

iPadOS "math notes" brings some spreadsheet/Calca mechanics to handwriting:

Oh, and they even added Bret Victor style variable "scrubbing".

(Desktop also got builtin Math Notes, minus handwriting, briefly flashed 51:57 โ€” looks very much like / Soulver / NoteCalc etc.?)

So, are we "Magic Ink" yet? (I'm not so much thinking of Bret Victor's essay as Ink&Switch's experiments like, CrossCut & Untangle ...)

On one hand nothing revolutionary, spreadsheets had much more power for decades.

And yet a solid chunk of useful functionality is starting to move into taken-for-granted "this is just how futuristic paper naturally works" territory ๐Ÿ‘.

I expect long term it might make such "what-if" explorations accessibleยน to more people, and more importantly prepare people for more complex interactions on top?

ยน well, once/IF it waters down to lower-end hardware. Good-enough stylus tech remains expensive enough to be niche, not evenly distributed ๐Ÿ˜ž

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin 2024-06-13 17:51:44

P. S. compared to Math Notes, the main matrix-of-keys screen of the scientific calculator looks painfully chaotic.

There is a whole bunch of complex powers-and-logs things like "3rd root โˆ›x" โ€” with some duality between the 2 rows yet no explanatory visual metaphor...

Same for whole bunch of trig functions.

And the "Memory Clear / M+ / M- / Memory Recall" buttons are stupidly low-level legacy โ€” a limited interaction with a single hidden register, while they have a visible history of prior calculation results on the left!


Lu Wilson 2024-06-13 20:02:50

see also what I've been building these last few days. there's so much to explore here i just wish people would pick it up and do something

Oleksandr Kryvonos 2024-06-14 06:52:37

Good-enough stylus tech remains expensive enough to be niche, not evenly distributed

Samsung Tab S6 lite has pretty decent Wacom stylus

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin 2024-06-14 08:05:52

Sure, it exists, but a simple way to measure it is: when you go buy a device, which fraction of them have a digitizer at all? Slightly varies by form factor, but only a minority.

So there must be non-negligble price and/or screen engineering tradeoffs...

I shopped for a laptop recently, and even knowing my wife could use a backup device with stylus for lectures, I gave up on digitizer models because the only options with the specs wanted for myself were 30% more expensive.

It wont call it "evinly distributed" until majority of devices people already have include some digitizer, and it's just a matter of getting a stylus.

(Capacitive styluses - even with pressure side channel like SonarPen + glove to simulate palm rejection - are just not good enough for significant amount of writing.)

Alex McLean 2024-06-14 14:45:53

I always thought field was well ahead of its time. Prefigured a lot of Bret Victor's demos and future of coding work that followed in 'real world' use.. Happy to see it is still active. Has anyone used it?