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Mariano Guerra 2024-06-04 09:31:58

Where Unison is headed by @Paul Chiusano

This is a long post with a lot of details of what we're thinking for the future, so here's a summary:

  • Keep keep improving the core language, runtime, and tooling. Examples: adding an FFI to Unison, improving JIT compiler performance, more semantic merge capabilities, and a more graphical UCM experience.
  • Make Unison Share an even nicer place to host your projects. Examples: "find usages", site-wide code search, multi-collaborator projects, and more.
  • Major new Unison Cloud features: scheduled jobs, distributed event processing, resilient workflows, and high-performance native execution via our JIT compiler.

📝 Where Unison is headed · Unison programming language

A discussion of where Unison is headed. Covers both near-term features we're actively working on (or will likely be soon) and some more speculative but exciting possibilities... :crystal_ball:

Jimmy Miller 2024-06-04 14:42:58

I really love where unison is going. Love the ideas behind it. My one hold up on diving into it, is that it’s unclear how much of its super powers are tied up to the cloud offering.

I can’t find a simple example where I spin up two unison programs and have them pass arbitrary unison values across a socket. I get you will want more than this for a production system. But just that example alone would make me more likely to dive in and start building some stuff in unison.

Lu Wilson 2024-06-06 09:00:05

an interesting back and forth thread between me and Kartik Agaram on mastodon about how to build "better computing"

📝 Lu wilson :waving_white_flag::rainbow: ( join the tadi web

Tim Schafer 2024-06-08 00:14:34

So this is going to be more of drive by random act of gratitude non-sequiturs smorgasbord, but I’m pretty sure y’all like overtone, and I will link, so that’s the bit right? So in all my scrubbing of recent podcast listenings and reading of show notes I forked (don’t you mean formed? No, no, there was the potential future timeline of consciousness, and this is the fork) a much deeper appreciation for the plethora of references so lovingly strewn throughout the show.

This was all to no avail in locating one wild goose of a phrase saying there was renewed effort on making overtone more useable so people can do cool shit. For a while I could swear it was Ivan’s voice I heard saying it. Well, it was actually the end of a different podcast. Perhaps the wires that got crossed were FoC and HoC. The important thing is that the supercollider of my mind has been thoroughly re-patched. And for that I thank you all! Also Clojure is cool. That’s my Ideology :)

Now back to my ~reading~

📝 :arne-brasseur (tea, travel, taoism and HoC) by Lost in Lambduhhs

The conversation covers topics such as the rebranding of Clojure Camp, Arne's hometown, his travels around the world, his love for tea, the differences between Europe and the United States, and his interests in cooking and gardening. Jordan and Arne discuss their shared interest in circus arts, specifically juggling and flow state. They talk about the European Juggling Convention and the meditative and mental benefits of juggling. They also delve into the topic of Taoism and its influence on their lives, discussing the philosophy of going with the flow and finding natural ways of being. They touch on the importance of self-awareness, mindfulness, and the potential pitfalls of narcissistic spirituality. They also explore the similarities and differences between teaching and leadership, emphasizing the importance of empathy and vulnerability in both roles. Heart of Clojure is a community conference that aims to create a holistic and vibrant experience for software engineers. The conference focuses on deepening the understanding of working in the software industry and building software for the world. It draws inspiration from conferences like Strange Loop and the European Juggling Convention, incorporating activities, workshops, and interactive sessions alongside keynote talks. The organizers aim to create an intimate and inclusive atmosphere where attendees can come alive and explore different aspects of their identity beyond being software engineers. Heart of Clojure encourages open source contributors and maintainers to propose interactive sessions, workshops, and contributor onboarding activities. The conference will take place on September 18-19, 2024, in Leuven, Belgium.

Links: Arne - Heart of Clojure - Overtone -

Keywords: Arne, Belgium, Lambda Island, , Clojure Camp, gaiwan, travels, tea, Europe, United States, cooking, gardening, circus arts, juggling, flow state, European Juggling Convention, Taoism, self-awareness, mindfulness, narcissistic spirituality, teaching, leadership, empathy, vulnerability, Heart of Clojure, community conference, holistic experience, software industry, software engineers, activities, workshops, interactive sessions, keynote talks, open source contributors, contributor onboarding, Leuven, Belgium.

Mariano Guerra 2024-06-08 09:25:17

mentioning overtone, clojure and a reference to supercollider crossed my wires too 😄

do you refer to this or this overtone

📝 Overtone

Next-generation music app

Ivan Reese 2024-06-08 19:57:57

You're either ~the~ Tim Schafer or someone who I'm sure is tired of getting that a lot (this is me sheepishly probing) — either way thank you for the smile and the link.