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J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 15:24:39

I am looking around for tools / frameworks / UI patterns that are roughly of the shape "spreadsheet with editable computation pipeline". What do people know of that's in that category?

To clarify, I realise spreadsheets alone can achieve computation... but I am thinking more of projects where the computation is a bit more "visual" than just formulas in cells, perhaps like a nodes or blocks environment that then feeds into a table / spreadsheet to display data. @Paul Shen's Natto is one such example of the kind of thing I am thinking of. There might be other ways to do this beyond just a series of nodes that feed into a table... I'm curious to see what else might be out there already. I wonder if there are projects in the data analysis / computational science spaces that might fit...?

Apologies if my question is too vague, I'm still trying to work out what I'm even looking for. πŸ™‚

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 15:29:40

maybe you know this one or it doesn't fit, just in case:

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 15:41:46

Ah yes, Instadeq seems like it should be included in the list. I'll have to check it out in more detail, thanks!

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 15:46:05

There's probably more matches to be found in this kind of "analytics dashboard" space... I've tried searching of course, but I often end up finding things that just load from a database without containing / visualising any computation themselves.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 15:58:20

the "old" observablehq and maybe the new one ( may fit too?

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 15:59:17

πŸ“ Causal: Modern Business Planning

Causal replaces your spreadsheets with a better way to build models, connect to data (accounting, CRM), and share dashboards with your team. Sign up for free.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:00:05

πŸ“ Hex - Magical tools for working with data together

Hex is a modern data platform for data science and analytics. Collaborative data notebooks, stunning data apps, magical AI-assist, and enterprise-grade security.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:00:29

πŸ“ Rill | Fast operational dashboards you'll actually use

Rill is an operational BI tool that helps data teams build fewer, more flexible dashboards, and helps business users make faster decisions with fewer ad hoc requests.

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:03:18

Thanks, yeah, Observable (and similar notebook environments) seem worth exploring as well. Haven't seen the others you mentioned before, I'll have to check those out in more detail! πŸ™‚

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:04:20

πŸ“ The Wrangler User Interface of Cloud Data Fusion

An in-depth explanation of the Wrangler User Interface of Cloud Data Fusion. By Alan Kohler

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:07:43

πŸ“ Enso | Get insights you can rely on. In real time.

Enso is an award-winning interactive programming language with dual visual and textual representations. It is a tool that spans the entire stack, going from high-level visualisation and communication to the nitty-gritty of backend services, all in a single language.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:07:44

this ones may not fit but just in case

πŸ“ dbt Labs | Transform Data in Your Warehouse

Use dbt to build reliable data models quickly and collaborativelyβ€”featuring version control, automated documentation, and integrated testing.

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:08:01

πŸ“ Quadratic - Technical spreadsheet with Python, SQL, and AI.

Quadratic is a modern technical spreadsheet with Python, SQL, and AI - all running in your web browser.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:10:12

πŸ“ Ultorg: General-Purpose, User-Friendly Database Software

Ultorg is a general-purpose database app that connects to your existing data. Work quickly across tables, queries, and relationships, without manual coding or page design.

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:10:26

There do seem be a lot of startups in this space... I'm slightly wary of depending on a SaaS tool that might disappear at any moment, but I know that's often the "default" way of building things these days... They are still useful for visual inspiration though.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:11:06

I thought you were looking for inspiration, do you have a use case in mind?

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:11:20

πŸ“ Home

Platform created by the community to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:13:59

Ah yeah, for the moment, just getting some visual inspiration of what's out there. I do have a lurking use case bubbling away, but I'll save that for a separate thread. πŸ€“

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:15:40

Apache Airflow was one I did encounter, but I am not sure I really "get it"... Is it mainly just querying databases...? I guess I find the ocean of Apache projects generally a bit hard to navigate... πŸ˜…

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:21:46

some nodes and wires:

πŸ“ Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to process and distribute data

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:21:52

πŸ“ Homepage

StreamSets data integration platform is a single interface for creating, reusing and sharing data pipelines to unlock your data without ceding control.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:31:22

J. Ryan Stinnett many of those are for ETL/ELT pipelines or data integration jobs

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:32:27

Dataflow tracking / pipeline visualisation in the style of NiFi seems interesting, perhaps I need to keep searching for things like this...

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:33:09

a more low level thing that is "so hot right now"

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:33:42

Thanks for all the entries, you've found far more candidates than I managed to on my own...! πŸ™‚

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:33:59

I've been following the space for a while πŸ˜„

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:36:35

πŸ“ Count - Collaborative analytics platform

Collaborative analytics platform where modern data teams solve complex problems.

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:36:51

Signals proposal is an interesting bit of news to follow indeed, wouldn't have initially imagined adding such a thing at the language level, but I see where it comes from in terms have single definition of the concept instead of every reactive framework doing their own thing.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:36:58

there are others with less "formula capabilities" but interesting in other aspects

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:37:04

πŸ“ Flourish | Data Visualization & Storytelling

Beautiful, easy data visualization and storytelling

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:37:09

πŸ“ Datawrapper: Create charts, maps, and tables

Create interactive, responsive & beautiful data visualizations with the online tool Datawrapper β€” no code required.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:38:27

a failed take from me:

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-01 16:39:10

Ah right, I guess for this purpose, I'm wanting to see some style of "computation" that's visually present and editable, so those last few probably don't match, but still good to know about in terms of general charting ideas.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-01 16:40:49

everybody stops at formulas or switches to text for that, here's an interesting take

Greg Bylenok 2024-05-02 21:22:57

A dead project, but how about ? Check out the gallery, specifically: Some others: in the data science space:, I always liked but that is limited to JS in the browser. Someone was once working on a Python-based version of NoFlo , but it went closed-source by its sponsors.

J. Ryan Stinnett 2024-05-02 21:48:06

Thanks, Kedro especially seems interesting! πŸ™‚

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-02 06:51:02

as the Simpsons said best:

Homer : What a bleak and horrible future we live in!

Bart : Don't you mean "present"?

Homer : Right, right. Present.

I started working on a new post of "past of future of coding" and tinyletter removed the link resolver service I was using to "detinyletterify" the links, I tried using my to look for the link there and the cdn seems to be serving a different version of vue so the page fails to load.

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-03 11:37:59

[April 10th, 2024 8:20 PM] mariano: :loudspeaker: Future of Coding Berlin Meetup: Show and Tell + Walk and Talk on June 1st!

We are organizing an informal meetup the day after in Berlin, the idea is to meet early in the day somewhere TBD, do a show and tell and then if you are willing go for a walk through Berlin stopping for food/drinks/resting every now and then.

If you are interested send me a DM with your email (will only be used to share updates and info about this), the places are limited so please contact me as soon as possible.

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-03 12:55:46

I was thinking .. I would love to attend a face-to-face meetup off course.. but travelling to berlin or london is currently not possible for me. And this probably true for other people as well. So I was wondering: are there people interested in doing an online meetup?

Leonard Pauli 2024-05-03 13:06:44

We were doing it a while ago, was awesome! Yes! 4ppl in video chat presenting what excites them, and then further topic focused conversation and general connect!

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-03 13:39:11

Yes, sounds good to me! 😎

Ivan Reese 2024-05-03 14:13:11

If anyone wants to organize/host one, I'll gladly signal boost once the details are worked out (and attend if I can). I also have a paid zoom we can use, or we could try using Slack's video features.

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-03 16:03:52

I want to organize, who wants to join? For those who want to join: please let know your timezone

Christopher Shank 2024-05-03 19:55:43

Im down to join!

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-04 08:18:53

Ivan Reese if we could use your paid zoom account then that would be awesome! Can we record the meetup in that case? On what channel is the best place to announce the meetup? administrivia? Or just this one?

Mariano Guerra 2024-05-04 11:14:49

Maikel van de Lisdonk I would like to help, CET timezone, have a paid zoom account

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-04 11:16:25

Thanks! I am in CET myself as well (located in the Netherlands)

Ivan Reese 2024-05-04 13:20:07

Once you've decided all the details, I'll post them in #announcements

Ivan Reese 2024-05-04 13:21:08

(I'd prefer to be the one who does the announcement post, to mildly discourage people from posting in that channel on their own)

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-04 13:46:32

Ah yes, I will do that

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2024-05-04 14:14:49

Does thursday 23rd of may sounds like a good date? Time suggestion 18:00 CET