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Alex McLean 2024-03-25 11:57:37

I belatedly updated the algorithmic pattern blog with some recent activities

Zeeshan Lakhani 2024-03-28 13:32:48

A co-worker and I published a post / overview on some stuff we’re working on. It’s about writing functions, compiling them to Wasm components, and combining them into a multi-language (Rust, Python, Javascript) workflow to run on the Everywhere Computer (a platform we’ve developed at Fission):

📝 Functions Everywhere, Only Once: Writing Functions for the Everywhere Computer – Fission

Writing functions for the Everywhere Computer in Rust, JavaScript, and Python, and compiling to Wasm components with WIT and WASI to run everywhere

Denny Vrandečić 2024-03-29 00:05:06

How do you compile the Python and JavaScript functions? The best we figured so far was to compile a Python and JavaScript interpreter and then use the interpreter to evaluate Python and JavaScript sourcecode, but it needs a huge WASM runtime and isn't particularly fast.

Zeeshan Lakhani 2024-03-29 00:13:16

The post discusses the tools. The underlying pieces are componentizeJs and componentise-py. Tradeoffs abound to your points tho.

Zeeshan Lakhani 2024-03-29 00:17:08

The Javascript one embeds spider monkey which means it’s interpreted

Zeeshan Lakhani 2024-03-29 00:17:20

Python uses py03

Denny Vrandečić 2024-03-29 00:24:30

Thanks! I should read the post first before asking questions, sorry! 😄

Zeeshan Lakhani 2024-03-29 00:25:51

Np! We built a tool atop all this for JS, currently called Wasmify. Python is stock componentize. After you gander, down to chat more in detail!