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Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin 2024-02-27 23:21:04

My 11yo son is learning the piano, and I rigged him a midi->raspberry pi->RGB LED strip so keys he plays light up then fade (it's a 144/m strip so nearly 2 leds per key).

Now i'd like him to program he visualizer himself. Tweak the colors, maybe do some analysis like recognize chords, try record/replay, maybe even ignore the music and make some game using the piano as input device?

He knows Scratch/Snap!, and wants to learn python (which my current script happens to already use), but the audio/visual nature here just screams "missed FoC/live coding opportunity" 😆

What would you recommend?

[constraint: myself I know zero about music 🙉]

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin 2024-02-27 23:34:02

I'm tempted to "unroll time". If he codes, he'll need access to a 2D screen anyway where he can code animations in in Snap! or whatever - and the LEDs will simply render one 1D line scanned out of the 2D image.

Nice qualities:

  • A desired animation of LEDs over time can be statically drawn, even as a sprite.
  • a "lighted while pressed" visualization will by default build up a time/frequency chart of the melody.
  • Conversely, if he builds some kind of Synthesia "falling notes" game,, the leds will light up according to what he "should play".

But I'm probably missing out on more intersting music-centric things to code.

Should i use something like SonicPi?

I guess I should check if that yamaha's MIDI is bi-dorectional ant can be made to play notes programmatically, not just report them...

Jack Rusher 2024-02-28 08:34:17

SonicPi is great. Sam is a very good guy.

brett g porter 2024-02-28 19:00:23

And if you use TidalCycles, its creator/maintainer is active here on this Slack.

🕰️ 2024-02-12 22:02:20


Jonathan Edwards 2024-03-01 21:12:59

@Alex McLean Duncan Cragg Following up: we will have a remote participation option for accepted authors at Onward!. Details to be determined.

Duncan Cragg 2024-03-01 21:37:53

That was the reason I finally closed the tab, only yesterday: I'm not going to visit the US! One of us picked up the vibes in the aether...

Duncan Cragg 2024-03-01 21:38:19

Thanks for pinging me! 🤗

Tom Lieber 2024-03-03 02:58:13

Can anyone who’s added drag-and-drop to a Three.js scene provide a pointer? I’m using an orthogonal camera, so translation between browser and world coordinate spaces isn’t even an issue. I’m just hoping for something higher level than picking to figure out what’s being dragged, but I can’t get events to fire from DragControls.

Tom Lieber 2024-03-03 03:44:34

Oh. It’s because my CSS2DRenderer’s DOM was covering the canvas. Hrm.

Tom Lieber 2024-03-03 10:43:45


2024-03-03 drag nodes and charts.gif