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nichoth 2024-02-19 06:10:05

New fun side project


E2E encrypted messages that disappear

Rafi Khan 2024-02-19 17:19:09

I love this.

I wish signal had something like this.

It's easy to be drowned in a history of messages, most of the messages don't need to stay.

I use disappearing messages on Signal too, but it's mostly client side. Definitely interested in server implementations

Csongor Bartus 2024-02-19 11:29:15

Mariano Guerra This is fantastic !!! At first sight it tells me you can embed any such script into any website ... is that true? I see lots of use cases here ... πŸ™‚

Peter Saxton 2024-02-19 22:26:44

"Let's talk about Effect types" I built a language workbench to show all the internals of EYG's type inference. It's useful for showing effect typing and I've recently added highlighting for all the places than can raise effects.

Rafi Khan 2024-02-20 04:34:41

A demo of livecoding the dom using junolang and reactjs

πŸ’¬ #linking-together@2024-02-19T17:23:50.679Z earlier on this topic

junolang github:

Konrad Hinsen 2024-02-20 06:24:19


This reminds me a bit of a demo I've seen of Amber Smalltalk, which also allows live programming in the browser and manipulating the DOM.

Gregor 2024-02-20 18:38:08

I started thinking, prototyping and now writing about a more interwoven web: emweb

πŸ“ emweb

A while ago I migrated some group chats from Twitter to Signal, for a myriad of reasons. One of the things lost in that particular fire was the ability to view tweets embedded directly in the chat…