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Ivan Reese 2023-12-21 16:58:15

Free (for the moment) game from the maker of Baba Is You, in which Baba pilots a mech suit (a la Into The Breach)

Ivan Reese 2023-12-21 16:58:38

If you don't know why this is FoC relevant, go take a look at Baba Is You

William Taysom 2023-12-22 11:02:54

tl;dr More than anything Baba Is You explores the consequences of rule resolution order.

Daniel Buckmaster 2023-12-23 11:11:36

I was exploring a domain outside programming today and thought "gee, I wonder if somebody has written a detailed end-to-end case study about this?' Then, I wondered, "gee, has anybody written a detailed end-to-end case study about a software project?"

I always think of software as a very open and sharing community, where we talk about our work and learn from each other without too much secrecy. But I struggled to think of examples. Of course, we seem to be constantly publishing tiny, focused case studies as blog posts. And this is incredible and valuable. But my curiosity is now piqued about this other thing.

AOSA comes to mind, but what comes to others' minds?

Tom Lieber 2023-12-23 14:57:42

Of the code and its development? Most of the HCI papers I’ve read were in-depth UX case studies, but I’m less connected to case studies in software engineering.

Daniel Buckmaster 2023-12-23 20:47:59

Yep that's what I meant!

Cameron Yick 2023-12-24 18:56:18

What writing sections do you have in mind when think of an ideal case study paper? I think software dev projects leave many artifacts in the process of building them (eg RFCs, ADRs, pull requests), but it’s rarer (at least after the fact) to get the time to compile those into a retrospective narrative, especially in a commercial setting.

Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin 2023-12-25 08:44:36

Beautiful Code is slightly less formal than AOSA : people (sometimes authors sometimes not) praising some aspect/piece of a project (IIRC all open source?) that they subjectively feel worth praising.

  • E.g. one chapter about encrypted messaging memorably said what's beautiful to him is the safety it offered to people at risk.

I enjoyed it.

Making Software: What Really Works, and Why We Believe It is more formal than AOSA, full of attempts to do empirical studies of software engineering. (some open some industrial)

Some chapters doing case studies of whole projects, some focusing on particular aspects e.g. how people comuunicated on the job, or analyzing bug tracker data...

I feel its a good intro into approaching SE empirically, but in many places the data is just too weak to learn much from. (Which is a valuable meta thing to learn, i suppose)

I bought it following Greg Wilson talking convincingly on a podcast; but felt too dry for me, perhaps more for managers then devs, I read than half.

Performance of Open Source Applications is on my to-read list.

All are anthologies - each chapter by other authors and easy to read at any order.

Eli Mellen 2023-12-24 17:58:22

Today I learned about TouchDesigner

📝 Derivative

Derivative is a software company that offers TouchDesigner, a visual development platform.