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Kartik Agaram 2023-10-26 19:10:50

[October 24th, 2023 3:28 PM] lukas.suess: <@U01ULCCJB7X> I spontaneously decided to project your example to an ALD mockup to get a bit of a feeling for inhowfar ALDs are compatible with your code projection focused of concatenative code. Seems pretty good.

★ One nice thing with ALDs is that library functions are threated exactly the same as argument values. They come in as semi-implicit arguments via the grey collection abstraction-line. ★ One annoying (but I think good) restriction of ALD is that functions (and definitions in let sections) can only ever have just one single value-line as their final output (except one cheats a bit as I've done here with memocurry :smiling_imp:).

Kartik Agaram 2023-10-28 20:19:31

Ok, I think I've tapped into a rich new vein of pointless demos.

Samuel Timbó 2023-10-28 23:01:17


Local First Open Source Distribuition of the Unit Programming Environment.

📝 Samuel Timbó on X

Doesn't feel lonely without the bot?

Kartik Agaram 2023-10-28 23:13:06

Oh wow! Permanently?!

(What is 'main' here?)

Samuel Timbó 2023-10-28 23:28:16

Yeah, the bot was always more of an aesthetic / educational / companion ornament. It couldn’t stay on distribution forever for no good enough reason.

I usually push to before updating the open source repo, but, right, it should reflect actual main code branch eventually.