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Maikel van de Lisdonk 2023-10-08 09:59:39

This week no short video, just a report of my progress on building a visual programming system :

  • I've started experimenting with having multiple layers in a visual flow.. as inspiration I think of pcb's which are used in electronic devices where components and connections can live on different layers. Hopefully this can help in keeping the flows becoming a big pile of spaghetti and better scalable.
  • Another new experiment is an import function that can import a textual program and convert it to a visual flow. In my engine I already use a small custom language which is parsed to an AST and transpile that to javascript within some node-types.. so, with this import function a script in this language can be converted to a visual flow.. it's still in its infancies , but I even want to try and convert a javascript/typescript file to a visual flow.
  • Made some new node-types to support functions within a visual-flow. Since I don't use a port-based/pull mechanism for the flow-runner that runs the visual program, the function parameters are send as a payload (which is a dictionary of keys and values).. and in the function node you can define the expected parameters.. currently these are not typed.

Hopefully I can find some time to make a video later this week.