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Martin Shaw 2023-07-28 06:16:56

Hi all, for those of us who have an interest in learning about how to build a more wonderful future and who wish to be inspired by those rare few actually building something different, I recommend that you visit and enjoy the Norman Foster exhibit at the Centre Pompidou which ends on the 7th of August.

Those who are unfamiliar may not see the relevance of a building architect's work to programmers and software / hardware designers, but I assure you that his long history of work is exceptionally relevant.

His designs are a deeply-considered human-scale 'high-tech' alternative to traditionalist buildings and to postmodern buildings. With tonnes of innovative features which had never been implemented before and which seemed obvious and common-sense after the fact.

This work sounds a lot like what we are working on in the software, hardware and otherwise industrial realms.

If you are in Paris or are able to get to Paris, entry is 17 euros.

I'll be going on the 7th of August if anyone is around for drinks, lunch and/or a chat 🙂

Joshua Horowitz 2023-07-29 05:59:38

Taking Norman Foster as inspiration is such a striking contrast to the more typical option, Christopher Alexander. At least at first glance, Foster seems diametrically opposed to Alexander (top-down design of large structures vs bottom-up design of small structures), though your description of Foster’s work as “human-scale” suggests reality may be more complicated… I don’t know much about Foster.

It’s fun to explore different possible points of contact between the fields! Thanks for the pointer.

Konrad Hinsen 2023-07-29 13:48:54

Thanks @Martin Shaw! I'd be happy to join you (I live near Paris) but I am on vacation at a much larger distance.

Martin Shaw 2023-07-28 06:21:45

📝 Norman Foster

A major figure of world architecture who is often seen as a leader of the "high tech" trend, British architect Norman Foster has designed many iconic creations throughout the world. 

Peter Saxton 2023-07-28 21:03:30

I've found this article on using CozoDB (A relational/graph database) as the hypocampus for AI. It's an interesting read though it's probably best to leave it explained in their own words

What do people think, is this approach plausible? Will it make a notcable different to what AI's can do? The author has also written their own knowledge management tool so interesting all round.

greg kavanagh 2023-07-28 23:44:32

I’ve been using for a while now and their blog seems to cover some of the same ideas. I wonder how similar the DBs are.

I’ve been storing all the content the app I’m building creates in Vespa in the hope that it can makes sense of it in the way CozoDB seems to.

Comparing the latest technology to the human mind has been a human foible since the mind was compared to a waterwheel when that was the thing. I think AI is far from intelligent but the lens it’s viewed through is too narrowly focused and Descartes set the aperture, so it can appear intelligent.

📝 Announcing Maximum Inner Product Search

Vespa can now solve Maximum Inner Product Search problems using an internal transformation to a Nearest Neighbor search. This is enabled by the new dotproduct distance metric.

Gregg Irwin 2023-07-30 18:13:05

the lens it’s viewed through is too narrowly focused and Descartes set the aperture,

I love this. :^)