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Maikel van de Lisdonk 2023-07-17 10:01:10

Hi, I am experimenting with functionality to be able to inspect "path executions" in a visual flow (the flow in the video is adding random values to an array of which the total sum is calculated): in the short video you can see me inspecting the last executed path with the slider on the bottom.. with this you can inspect the different stages of an executed path. After a flow has been run, the last path can be inspected.

With the slider on the right you can switch between paths which have been executed before.

In the beginning of the video I've pressed the 'run' button multiple times, all these executions can be inspected with this slider.. and the current execution path that is being inspected can be inspected further with the slider on the bottom.

Peter Saxton 2023-07-18 17:45:02

My language is now "JSON complete" which I think counts as a reasonable stepping stone on the way to packman complete