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Yair Chuchem 2023-06-05 09:03:05

Lamdu now elaborates on non-trivial type errors!

In the screenshot several type errors are demonstrated:

  • A simple one: Text isn’t Num
  • “Occurs check”: func func means that the type of func is infinitely (((a -> a) -> a) -> a) -> … (note it can be done if wrapping in a nominal type to break the loop
  • Expand-record when inside record has the same fields. The message here isn’t yet very informative to which field is duplicated. Just says “constraints” for now
  • Scoped type variable escape (i.e “skolem”) error. This is equivalent to leaking Haskell’s ST monad’s s variable
Maikel van de Lisdonk 2023-06-10 12:19:24

Just a small clip to show a stress test I've worked on for my new visual programming system.. maybe not super impressive, but at least it is performing better then my old system. It uses purely DOM, svg and css (transforms).

Creating all the nodes from javascript takes still quite long, they do all have different shapes though (using css clip-path).

Jarno Montonen 2023-06-10 13:39:26

cool. have you thought about virtualizing the graph so that you can only draw the nodes that are visible to the user? Doesn't look like having that many nodes visible at once would ever be necessary?

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2023-06-10 14:04:55

No not yet, I am currently depending on the browser for handling that when zooming and panning. In the stress test of the video that's no problem, at least on my hardware (apple m2 macbook pro and a recent windows laptop).. I'll also run this test on my much older iPad. My current rendering approach is quite naiev.. just adding all dom nodes and wires to dom and transform and scale a wrapper div when zooming/panning. Only the wrapper div has a "will-change:transform" applied. Since I have reference to all dom nodes, when moving a single node, the relevant dom node including connection nodes are changes directly

Lu Wilson 2023-06-10 22:03:54

Very nice!

Maikel van de Lisdonk 2023-06-11 05:00:36


Oleksandr Kryvonos 2023-06-10 21:40:43

created basic transpiler from json-AST-C# to C#, I intend to write in this json format and to have code in other languages generated from it, this is in a spirit of Haxe

Jason Morris 2023-06-11 20:18:59

So the answer to "can you use ProseMirror to generate a WYSIWYG-style editor that adheres to a standard XML schema for statutes" seems to be "yes, but there is a LOT of work involved in making the editing experience remotely acceptable." Normal and debug mode pictured.

Jason Morris 2023-06-11 20:19:43

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