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Ivan Reese 2023-06-01 03:37:04

Future of Coding • Episode 64

Donald Woods & James Lyon • INTERCAL


A normal episode about a normal paper about a normal language.

[Really, what else is there to say?]

Personal Dynamic Media 2023-06-01 04:40:20

Me: Yes!!! It WASN'T an April fool's joke!

Wife: Huh? What?

Me: This podcast I listen to about programming where they read awesome CS papers and talk about them is doing INTERCAL!

Wife: That's nice dear.

Ivan Reese 2023-06-01 04:43:56

\ waking up from long slumber \

Wait, we did what?

Personal Dynamic Media 2023-06-01 05:13:19

As requested in the show notes.

Lu Wilson 2023-06-01 07:09:26

I also thought it was an april fools joke! I look forward to listening later on today

Jason Morris 2023-06-01 07:22:32

Deeply weird, weirdly deep. Lu Wilson's right about emotion, obviously. Pleasen't give up.

📝 craic.mp3

Ivan Reese 2023-06-01 13:28:00

Just because I have nowhere else to share this, and it's my favourite easter egg from the show. (No, this isn't even one of the ones I rerecorded in post!)

Eli Mellen 2023-06-01 20:07:33

Caution! Under no circumstances confuse the mesh with the interleave operator, except under confusing circumstances!

Eli Mellen 2023-06-01 20:32:39

As requested

📝 nucks

Ivan Reese 2023-06-01 21:46:10

This is the grossest thread. I love you all.

Personal Dynamic Media 2023-06-02 04:50:15

Okay, I finished listening to the episode. I have no notes, no feedback, and no idea what I just experienced. 🤣

Lu Wilson 2023-06-03 17:00:52

This episode inspired me to make some updates to DreamBerd!

please enjoy

Prathyush 2023-06-01 17:16:38

Hey there, we started a project where we explore novel UI designs. We call it “Adjacent Possible” in reference to Kauffman’s idea. Do check it out if you get a chance and would love to know your feedback!

🎥 w.mp4

Nicolae Rusan 2023-06-01 19:30:40

Hey FoC community! I wanted to share a project we’ve been working on that we’re starting to ship more publicly called Magnet. Magnet is an AI Coding Assistant that makes it easy to use GPT-4 & ChatGPT in the context of your own codebase. It’s a desktop application that runs for MacOS (Windows coming soon)

🧲 Download Magnet here

Here’s a little video walkthrough of how the tool works today

With the new coding capabilities of LLMs we wanted to start exploring what new AI tooling for building software might look like. We’re excited for some of what is coming up as well that tries to reimagine what some of the software dev workflows might look like when there’s an AI assistant along for the ride.

This first version is pretty simple but we’ve already been finding it pretty useful. It’s free to use if you put in your own OpenAI API Key so feel free to give it a spin (the hosted version uses our GPT-4 API key in case you want to try out GPT-4 and don’t have access yet).

📝 Expert AI coding assistant - Magnet

Magnet is an expert AI coding assistant for your mac

📝 Magnet - Alpha Demo - Jun 1, 2023

Nicolae Rusan 2023-06-01 21:46:12

Thanks Ivan Reese for catching that I pasted the link wrong on the first go 🙂

Jarno Montonen 2023-06-02 05:27:39

Nice. It'll be interesting to see how these LLM code modification tools scale beyond trivial use cases. What are your thoughts currently on the plausibility and challenges of using something like Magnet for codebases way beyond 10 000 LOCs?

Nicolae Rusan 2023-06-02 10:39:18

@Jarno Montonen I think one of the observations is that you don’t need all the code to do a specific task.

Usually you need knowledge of the small subset of the codebase to accomplish the specific task - and part of the work is just scoping the task itself.

Magnet lets you have control over what the right context for the task at hand is, by letting you manually select the files you want to tell the LLM about.

We’re working on having Magnet help in the file-selection part of the workflow too, where at least we can suggest what files are likely relevant based on the prompt

William Taysom 2023-06-03 12:25:48

Worth a try! Failed the SMS verification step @Nicolae Rusan. 😢 I triple checked the phone number, hit resend twice, and waited... just in case.

greg kavanagh 2023-06-05 09:01:26

Used my own api key, the app hung on the first message and I can’t log back in as it says I still have a session active, but I can’t dismiss the sign in modal. @Nicolae Rusan looking forward to trying it down the line.

Nicolae Rusan 2023-06-05 16:04:27

hey @William Taysom we were seeing some issues with our authentication provider but we think they should be resolved now - if you try again and hit issues please let us know

Nicolae Rusan 2023-06-01 19:32:00