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Josh Cho 2023-05-13 09:58:22

I have been creating a graph-based notetaking app; I am curious about the current landscape. I see Roam/Obsidian/Logseq sort of in the same category (with Obsidian Canvas as a feature with a lot of potential), and Tana (which I just learned about) goes one step further by nodifying more things. Are there any other killer features/products in this space?

Christian Gill 2023-05-13 10:08:25

I gotta mention Notion, the idea of exposing it's data structure is quite powerful and I think the one you mentioned draw inspiration from there

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Paul Tarvydas 2023-05-13 22:49:47

I don’t know what I want, but I find myself using Kinopio and Obsidian daily.

I am intrigued by: Descript, Khoj, Kagi summarizer, Just Press Record,

I believe that the old-fashioned metaphors of “desktop” and “file” are in their death-throws. Perhaps ChatGPT will be retargeted at the masses (i.e. note taking) instead of being used to perform stupid pet tricks (David Letterman).

IMO, notes aren’t going to be what we think of as notes. What are the atomic pieces that will enable a myriad of note-taking apps?

A HUGE factor is the lack-of-friction. E.g. can I simply jot something down without being asked a bunch of questions first? (e.g. “what kind of mind-map do you want?“, “this app just crashed, do you want to send a report?“, “where do you want to save this?“, etc., etc.). From this perspective, I find Scapple and Kinopio to be the least friction-full. Just Press Record makes it possible for me to speak some thoughts while driving and to edit them later as text files. Likewise, I can use an audio recorder to capture my thoughts, then later have them transcribed by Descript (which creates “better” transcriptions). Descript has the intriguing feature of “studio sound” which makes it possible to record on a laughtop microphone, without using a $1,000 gold microphone pushed into your face, but, making it sound pretty good.

Josh Cho 2023-05-13 09:58:36

I don't want to make something that already exists :)

Eli Mellen 2023-05-13 10:55:57

It isn’t pitched as a note taking app, but around work I see tons of teams using mural and miro as communal note taking surfaces. To the extent that a lot of projects are almost wholly documented in some sprawling mural